The Little Angels Playgroup Tripoli is dedicated to serving the community. We aim to provide your child with a happy, secure and nurturing environment. The playgroup early years education emphasises teaching the fundamental skills needed to start school; including reading, writing, and numeracy.

Enrolment Procedure

The Little Angels aim to provide a safe, warm and happy environment, in which your child can develop socially and be challenged academically. The playgroup strives to provide the best quality care in a loving environment. Providing an excellent start to learning through teaching methods, which are parallel to the Early Years Foundation Stage. ( learning through play).

We hope to help your child take their first steps towards independence and a positive step in their education journey.

Part of our enrollment procedure this year at the Little Angels is that you read and understand our school policy.
You also need to sign and acknowledge you have read the policy and are willing to follow the Playgroups policies and procedures.
Enrollment Procedure

Parents should complete the enrollment form and sign the appropriate boxes.

Documents required

  • Copy of the family book
  • Copy of vaccinations
  • 1 passport size photo
  • The fee of 1,000 on enrollment.

Unfortunately, your child will be unable to start the school year without completing the above.


  • KG 1 5,000 Lyd
  • KG 2 5,000 Lyd
  • Reception 5,000 Lyd + 200 Lyd for the books

Method of payment

  1. On enrollment, you should pay the fee of 1,000 Lyd.
  2. You should then pay 2,000 Lyd before the school year starts in September.
  3. Then the second installment of 2,000 should then be paid in December.

I apologize but we don`t accept cheques.


Fees are still owed to the Playgroup and cannot be refunded under these circumstances:

  1. Non – attendance due to parental choice.
  2. Illness
  3. Holidays during the school year
  4. Withdrawing your child from the Playgroup after January.

School hours

School hours : 9:15 a.m – 2.15 p.m

Please ensure your child attends the playgroup at the correct time. This encourages your child to understand the importance of punctuality.

We would appreciate it if you would pick your child up NO later than 2.15 p.m., as we don`t have the staff to take care of them after this time.

The playgroup is NOT responsible otherwise.

If you don`t have an arrangement for extended hours, there will be a penalty of 5 LYD for every 30 minutes after 2.15 p.m.

School uniform

  • The dress code at the Little Angels is:
  • White shirt/polo shirt
  • Grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore
  • Royal blue cardigan/ sweater
  • white/ grey socks
  • Black shoes

Communication with the Parents

We firmly believe that close cooperation and communication with parents has a profound effort on the service we can offer.

To make it easier for both teacher and parent we would like you to download the application Classdojo to your phones, as this makes it easier for us to communicate and to keep you updated with your child’s progress.

We also have added a ParentLink to our website which can be used to check your child`s progress in regards to conversation skills, reading, writing & other preschool skills. Most importantly you should provide your email address to get connected.

If you would like to discuss any other areas with us regarding your child; this should be within the school office, either with their class teacher or the Principal.

Please inform us of anything negative too, this helps us improve the standard of the Playgroup.

Safety and Security

Providing a safe and secure environment for both children and staff is a prime importance at all times and is never compromised. Children will only be released to parents known to the staff or to other nominated individuals whose names which have been provided on the enrollment form. In the event that the staff members are suspicious as to the identity of anyone seeking to collect your child, the playgroup will contact the parent before the child can be released.
You can also provide us with a secret password which may help, as the telephone lines sometimes have weak signals.

Care and Discipline

Loving care and concern are fundamental to the healthy growth of the children and the small and intimate nature of the playgroup encourages the staff to get to know all the children.
In cases of anti-social behavior, staff will endeavor to explain why such behavior is not acceptable. Children may be asked to spend time out to calm down, but never left unsupervised.
This may prove to be an ongoing process. Parents will be consulted if the behavior of their child causes undue concern so that any issues can fully be discussed.


In the case of minor accidents which occur at the playgroup, the parents will be informed and will be asked to sign an accident report book.

In the case of an accident which we feel needs medical attention the parents will then be contacted immediately.

We would then proceed with taking your child to one of the local emergency clinics e.g Total Clinic etc, as they are within easy access.

If the parents have any special requests for the emergency plan, they should inform the school office and should unload this information on their enroll

Sick Children

The playgroup cannot undertake the care of sick children. The playgroup must be informed of any illnesses, sickness or problems before attempting to bring the child to the premises.

If your child has chickenpox, mumps, measles or any contagious illness your child should NOT attend the playgroup until they are fully recovered.

If your child develops a temperature at the school you shall also be contacted. With your permission, we would then be able to administrate Pandol Syrup, Calpol or Tempo Cool which is a fever gel cooling sheet to keep your child’s temperature down until you arrive.

Always make sure you pick your child up as soon as possible; as with any kind of illness there could be complications.

Problems within in the area/city

Due to the unpredictable problems and fighting which occur at times around the city, we have to always keep in mind the steps we can take to prepare ourselves for this.

Steps of Parents

Parents should always keep themselves updated with local news (Facebook – Tripoli Streets etc), to see whether or not there have been any disturbances during the night.

Parents should always check our Facebook Profile/ Classdojo/ParentLink


In the event of any problems occurring during the school morning, we would try our best and get in touch with you, either through Classdojo, Facebook or Telephone.
In the event of it becoming dangerous around the area of the Playgroup (which we hope never happens), we would escort the students into our basement for safety until the parents arrive.

Of course, we would do our utmost to ensure the safety of our students.

Hair / Head Lice

Your child’s hair should be tied back at all times. If your child becomes infected with Head Lice, please treat your child’s hair before returning them to school.
The Main Door
In the interest of safety, parents should also take great care NOT to leave the door open.
If a parent would like to step into the garden to wait for their child, they are welcome.

But we would prefer if you don`t prolong your stay as it will make the running of the playgroup more difficult.


Dropping off and Picking up your child

Please ensure you safely hand over and pick up your child from a member of staff at the playgroup and never leave your child alone on the pavement in front of the playgroup.
Also NEVER drop off your child in the middle of the road.


Parking in front of the school

Please ensure that when you drop off and collect your child, that you take care when parking. Ensuring you don`t park in front of the neighbor’s driveways/ garages and parking as to obstruct traffic.

Birthday Parties

No Birthday Parties are allowed at the playgroup, as it takes too much time and disrupts the school program.

When there is a party at the playgroup you should not send siblings ( brothers & sisters).


Please don`t send your child to school with any kind of valuable object e.g gold, money & mobiles.

Please note you need to fill the acknowledgment to follow the school policy slip.