The Little Angels Playgroup Tripoli is dedicated to serving the community. We aim to provide your child with a happy, secure and nurturing environment. The playgroup early years education emphasises teaching the fundamental skills needed to start school; including reading, writing and numeracy.

Enrolment Procedure

  • Parents should complete the registration form. This is available from the school, or can be filled in on the school web site, www.littleangels.com.ly, and then e-mailed to the school.
  • A registration fee of 250 lyd must be paid when the application is made.
  • In almost all cases, a child will be placed in the relevant year class (dependent on their age as at 1st September of the year). However, if requested, or deemed necessary by the Principal, class teacher and/or parents, a child may be accepted into the class one year below or one year above their age.
  • An offer of a place will either be made or not – in writing. Any decisions made by the Principal are final. If a place is not offered, advice and further information will be supplied to the child’s parents.
  • Registration and other fees are payable on entry to the school. A child may leave the school for up to 3 months and a place will be held open for them, as long as tuition fees are paid for the period of absence. Parents are requested to inform the school at least 30 days before the end of the period of leave of their intent to take up the place left open for the child in writing, in order for the school to be able to confirm a place for the child. Any period of longer than 3 months will be up to the discretion of the Playgroup.

Fees Policy

Fees are paid in 2 instalment the first at the beginning of the first term in September and the second at the beginning of the second term in January. The fees for the school year are 4,000 LYD for all ages.


Fees are still owed to the playgroup and cannot be refunded under the following

  • Non attendance due to parental choice
  • Holidays during term time being taken without 28 days notice
  • Illness

A child’s place is kept available for them and so fees continue to be payable in full.

Late Payment of fees

At the playgroup we keep a date list of fee payments. If after 3 weeks of the beginning of the term the playgroup still has not received the fee payment, you will then be sent a polite fee payment reminder.

Role of Parents

The Little Angels Playgroup Tripoli expects parents to:

  • Pay tuition fees promptly in accordance with the Tuition Fee Policy.
  • Take an active role in the life of the school.

Parents who are considering sending their child to this school may visit, by making an appointment to see the Principal.

Additional Information

Most children are admitted in September, but if vacancies exist the school will normally admit children throughout the course of the year.